Vessel Questionnaire

    1. Vessel's name*
    2. Previous Name*
    3. IMO Number*
    4. Flag
    5. Owners*
    6. Delivery date*
    7. Technical operator (The company)*
    8. Company IMO Number
    9. Date operator assumed responsibility for the vessel
    10. Summer deadweight tonnage (SDWT)
    11. Does vessel have multiple SDWT? YesNo
    12. If yes, what is the maximum assigned deadweight?
    13. Maximum Displacement (Summer loadline)
    14. Gross tonnage (G.R.T.)
    15. Net tonnage (N.R.T.)
    16. Summer draft
    17. Length Over all (L.O.A.)
    18. Extreme Breadth (Beam)
    19. Moulded Depth
    20. Cargo capacity m3 98% excluding slops
    21. Slops capacity m3 98%
    22. Parallel body length in S.B.T. or normal ballast condition
    23. Parallel body length in loaded condition (summer deadweight)

    24. Name of Classification Society
    25. Vessel type*
    26. Hull type*
    27. Date of Last Paris MoU PSC Inspection
    28. Port of last Paris MoU PSC Inspection
    29. Date of Last BS MoU PSC Inspection
    30. Port of last BS MoU PSC Inspection
    31. Date of Expiry of Class Certificate
    32. Date last Special Survey
    33. Date last Dry Dock
    34. Document of Compliance (DoC) expiry
    35. Safety Management Certificate (SMC) expiry
    36. IOPP Certificate expiry
    37. Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Chemicals or Gas expiry
    38. Noxious Liquid Substances (NLS) Certificate expiry
    39. Civil Liability Convention Oil expiry
    40. Civil Liability Convention Bunker expiry
    41. Maritime Labour Convention (2006) expiry
    42. Ballast Water Management Certificate expiry
    43. P&I Certificate of Entry expiry
    44. Date of Last SIRE/CDI inspection
    45. Owners/Operators details for invoicing purposes*

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are sending this questionnarie in order to find out if a vessel is acceptable for a certain type of cargo but have not fixed the Vessel as of yet, you will only be charged should the Vessel be finally used for such operation, in which case we will proceed to her inspection and will invoice you accordingly. Upon receipt of your Questionnaire and Inspection Request, we will notify you of the Inspection costs.